Where your future customers are
Where your future customers are
Social Media Marketing Overview
Social Media are digital media methods, that enable Users to network on the Internet, exchange information with each other (chats, posts, tweets etc.) and create and pass on medial content (texts, photos, videos, voice messages etc.).
Users exchange their preferences, wishes and experiences via social media. They inform each other in "snowball-like" communication processes, where on the Internet and on which websites the best and most trustworthy information for problem solving can be found.
  • The use of social media is usually free of charge.
  • Social media platforms are optimally displayed on all mobile devices (RWD) and are mainly used on smartphones.
  • A central feature of social media is the interactivity between users.
  • User accounts in social networks are essential for interaction. Users also create profiles in most social media platforms. These profiles contain information about the respective user and are usually public.
  • Social media platforms are, similar to Google, worldwide search engines and can be used by companies for advertising and sales purposes (Social Media Marketing). The biggest are Facebook (1.9 billion users) and YouTube (1.5 billion users).
  • With the techniques of Social Media Marketing, interested parties can be led to a website, which is now one of the most important advertising methods for customer acquisition in the entire Internet Marketing.
Social Media Platforms, an overview

  • Facebook is currently the most important social media platform with about 1.9 billion users worldwide as a meeting place on the Internet.
  • Exchange of information, news, photos, videos, links to websites etc. among friends and acquaintances on private user profiles.
  • With the right use of Facebook, visitors can be directed to a blog or website. This is positively evaluated by Google for the ranking (to be seen).
  • As a company you want to be where your potential and existing customers are. Therefore you should create a Facebook Company Page that represents your company on Facebook. Direct company advertising is frowned upon on private user profiles, but the Company Profile is your legitimate advertising platform on Facebook that is directly linked to the website.
  • With Customer Profiles created by you, you can reach your Target Group on the Internet with precission via paid campaigns.
YouTube & Vimeo Video Portals

YouTube, Vimeo
  • People love videos! A video on your landing page has a great effect!
  • Online Video Portals such as YouTube and Vimeo are used to publish video films of all kinds and are used by over 1.5 billion users worldwide.
  • Private and commercial users set up Video Channels where videos are uploaded and published. Video Channels are public and can be subscribed to, linked directly to websites or integrated into websites.
  • Videos are also optimized for search engines (Video SEO) and can be found on Google using corresponding search terms. SEO-optimized videos are very well rated by Googel (Rating).
  • Via the Twitter portal, short messages (Tweets) with a maximum of 140 characters are sent worldwide via the Internet, which can also contain links to interesting websites.
  • Twitter currently has about 1.3 billion users worldwide.
  • A tweet can be directed to a person directly via @username, this person receives a notification. The Tweet is displayed to all people who follow both you and @username. People who follow only you will see the Tweet in their Home Feed.
  • If you as a company want to use Twitter for marketing purposes, you have to reach as many Twitter Users as possible and use the allowed characters of a tweet in an optimal way. Twitter followers are the equivalent of Facebook friends or fans.

  • Instagram is an ad-supported online photo and video sharing service that is part of Facebook.
  • Using the app for smartphones, you can take pictures and videos from your smartphone, edit them with filters, and then upload them to your network to share with all your friends.
  • Instagram has about 800 million users per month.
  • Instagram is therefore often used by companies as a social media marketing channel.
Xing & LinkedIn

Xing, LinkedIn
  • Xing and LinkedIn are so-called career networks and serve as presentation platforms.
  • Anyone who wants to make interesting contacts here must actively present themselves.
  • Owners of companies create a kind of mini website and present themselves personally as specialists.
  • Xing is the network for the German-speaking countries with about 12 million users, LinkedIn is internationally attractive with about 10 million users.
  • Like any social network, Xing and LinkedIn allow you to create, post, link and share a profile.
Smartphone Messenger
  • Messengers are services that allow you to send short messages, pictures, videos, files, contacts, etc. with an app on your smartphone (but also on other mobile devices).
  • Most services are suitable for live communication with video streams. Two or more participants see and hear each other during the conversation and can exchange documents at the same time.
  • Known services are LINE, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Google Hangout, Signal, Telegram, Wire etc.
  • Recommendations and advertising messages can be sent via Messenger.
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